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Marc Schmidt

Marc grew up in Europe and lived in Brussels for nearly twenty years. He has been a passionate baker for many years and became obsessed with trying to create a recipe for the Liège sugar waffle he remembered from his childhood. Marc decided to use the sweet treat as a way to raise awareness for Tourette syndrome, a condition that his daughter Madeleine developed when she was 7 years old. As a neuroscience teacher and researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, Marc sees a unique opportunity for blending science outreach and understanding with education about TS.


Chris Parsons

Chris joined waffles for Tourette in 2018 as one of our master waffle makers. Chris is also Head Barista at Hobbs Coffee and the owner of Parsons Cookies. When not preparing waffles or coffee, Chris can be found on the campus of Widener University where he is pursuing a degree in culinary arts.

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Emilie Tannert-Schmidt

Emilie is a student at the University of Pittsburgh and in the summer is a steady presence in the kitchen making waffle dough and at the Markets selling and making waffles.


Madeleine Tannert-Schmidt

Maddy is a student at Colorado State University pursing a degree in finance. She was diagnosed with Tourettes syndrome in 6th grade. Maddy designs our artwork and helps out at the Market when she is home on break.