The idea for waffles for Tourette originated in 2013 as a way to raise awareness for Tourette syndrome (TS) while also sharing Marc’s passion for the Liège waffle which he would crave as a kid growing up in Brussels in the 1970s. Marc’s passion for Tourette outreach started when his daughter Madeleine was diagnosed with TS over 15 years ago (she is now 22 and in college).

During the day, Marc is a neuroscience professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He also recently joined the Scientific Advisory Board for the National Tourette Association of America. Our outreach for Tourette occurs at many level, from running a yearly workshop in collaboration with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, to conversations about TS at the waffle stand to the abridged description about TS printed on the paper sleeves that we use to wrap the waffles. Our waffle sleeves also contain a link to our website (still under construction) for those interested in learning more about Tourette syndrome.

Our waffles were first sold and introduced through Hobbs, a local coffee shop in Swarthmore, PA as a collaboration with owner William Randall. We were then invited a year later to join the local Swarthmore Farmers Market where the waffles became a huge hit. In 2019, Marc partnered with Chris Parsons, then working as Head Barista at Hobbs, and they turned Waffles For Tourette into a small company. We now operate out of a professional kitchen in Brookhaven, PA and are starting to expand to several markets in the city, notably Philadelphia’s new Cherry Street Pier Market as well as Penn’s University City Farmers Market.

Proceeds of our waffle sales are given to the Pennsylvania Tourette Syndrome Alliance (PATSA) as well as the National Tourette Association of America (TAA). We have donated over $11,000 since 2013 (see below for donations). 

I have sampled many “luikse wafels” from the street vendors in Brussels to the mountains in Park City, and I have to say Marc’s wafels rivals the authentic ones from Brussels! The taste and perfect doughy consistency is spot on. Marc, de wafels zijn perfect gebakken. Ze zijn 100% goedgekeurd in de belgische proef test. Doe zo verder!
— Koen Peeleman, Wallingford, PA
These waffles make me happy. They are delicious. And for a great cause!
— Parisa Zanganeh, Swarthmore, PA
I look forward to these truly amazing waffles every weekend. It’s best to eat them when they’re hot and really fresh on Saturday mornings, although they’re delicious anytime. The inside of the waffle is soft and doughy and heavenly while the outside of the waffle is crisp and caramelized. YUM! Genuinely high-quality fare made with great care and expertise. I’m also loving the new little individual bags the waffles come in, which provide much-needed psychoeducation about Tourettes. (They’re also super cute and keep your hands clean!) These waffles, their maker, and the organization they support are an integral part of the Swarthmore community. Whether you’re a Swarthmore resident or a visitor, these waffles are truly a must-have.
— Katherine Ernst, Swarthmore, PA.
Leonie and Maddy selling waffles at the Swarthmore Fun Fair (2013)

Leonie and Maddy selling waffles at the Swarthmore Fun Fair (2013)




We have raised more than $10,000, splitting the donations between the Eastern Pennsylvania Tourette Syndrome Association and the National Tourette Association of America. 

  • 2014

    • Tourette Association of Eastern PA: $500

    • Tourette Association of America: $1,000


  • 2015

    • Tourette Association of Eastern PA: $1,800*

    • Tourette Association of America: $500


  • 2016

    • Tourette Association of Eastern PA: $1,800*

    • Tourette Association of America: $500


  • 2017

    • Tourette Association of Eastern PA: $2,000*

    • Tourette Association of America: $500


  • 2018

    • Tourette Association of Eastern PA: $1,000

    • Tourette Association of America: $400

    • Children and Adult Disability and Educational Services (CADES): $ 400

    • Pennsylvania Tourette Syndrome Alliance (PATSA): $1,000

  • 2019

    • Children and Adult Disability and Educational Services (CADES): $ 400

* a portion of the proceeds were from a joint "Sweets for Tourettes" event with Hobbs and Franklin Fountain and singer songwriter Dianna Cannon